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The Law Office of William G. Blaney & Marcus H. Karavan

Professional Representation – Personal Service


Drawing on over 50 years of combined legal experience the attorneys at Blaney & Karavan represent clients on a variety of matters, combining professional representation with personal service. We handle personal injury matters, labor-relations, municipal government law, civil rights litigation, and all of your legal needs. We can also consult with you on your case to determine if you need a highly specialized practitioner. At Blaney & Karavan, the client comes first.


Practice Areas

  • Public Sector

Blaney & Karavan offers a full complement of public sector representation.  From Municipal Attorney services, to Labor Counsel to tax matters and environmental permitting, Blaney & Karavan is prepared to handle the complex legal needs of public sector clients.

  • Employment & Civil Rights Litigation

Whether you are an employee who believes his or her rights have been violated or an employer dealing with personnel issues, Blaney & Karavan’s experience in the field of labor and employment law can be utilized to your full advantage.

  • Personal Injury

Have you been injured due to the fault of someone else?  Blaney & Karavan’s experienced trial attorneys are ready to fight for compensation for your loss.  Click above for contact information and to complete our inquiry form.  We will contact you immediately and set you on the right legal path toward economic recovery. 

  • General Legal Needs

The attorneys of Blaney & Karavan have a wide range of experience and can handle many of your legal needs. We can also assist you in identifying what your legal needs may be and whether you need a highly specialized attorney. Contact us today and we will guide your legal path.






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